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Leadership of Regenerative Finance: David Roswell, Emily Duma, Kate Poole (former leader), Ari Sahagún, Jay Saper, Leah Fury, and Andrew Meeker — at our Fall 2016 retreat

Regenerative Finance was born from conversations between members of Resource Generation and movement organizers, who asked:

How are our investments fueling an economy that stands against our stated values? Are currently available SRI and Impact Investing options growing the economy we envision? How do we move our investments away from an economy that exploits people and the planet and invest in local economies that regenerate the community wealth that’s been destroyed by centuries of extraction? How can communities that are creating regenerative economies gain access to values-aligned capital? What is our role?

As young people with access to wealth and class privilege who believe in a more just world, we are strategically positioned to demonstrate what truly socially responsible, non-extractive investing looks like. We are excited to develop ways to leverage our unique access to capital– whether individually, through our families, or through foundations and institutions we are connected to–to help movements build a world beyond an extractive capitalist economy.  

Regenerative Finance shifts the economy by transferring control of capital to communities most affected by racial, climate and economic injustice.

  • Regenerative Finance directs capital to on-the-ground, movement-based, community-controlled, localized economies through structures developed collaboratively with communities most affected by racial, economic and environmental injustice.
  • Regenerative Finance offers political education and resources to individuals and institutions with access to capital in order to empower them to transform the current economy through radical investing and accountability to movements for racial, economic and environmental justice.
  • Regenerative Finance shifts the terms of responsible investing and redefines what’s possible, setting precedents for investing that transforms control of capital at a large scale. We shape discourse through zines, blog posts, conferences, and webinars.

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We do this work alongside our movement comrades who are building the new, radically different, caring economy. Much of our thinking was born out of conversations with Movement Generation and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, who created a just transition framework that we use to guide our work. Learn more about our network relationships below.

Please note: Regenerative Finance is working to invest through 0% interest loans. We are not a funding source for gift capital. For new economy projects looking for funding or gift capital check out these resources.


Since 2013, Regenerative Finance has been organizing together as a collective. Regenerative Finance consists of David Roswell, Ari Sahagun, Leah Fury, Jay Saper, Andrew Meeker, and Emily Duma. Former leaders include Kate Poole and Margot Seigle.



Regenerative Finance is fiscally sponsored by the Fund for Democratic Communities, a registered non-profit organization in the state of North Carolina.


We are represented by the image of a hydra, a tiny water creature that has the ability to regenerate its limbs and itself and is responsive to its environment.  Our header is placed over a photo of a field of fireweed, a temperate plant that emerges en masse after a fire or disturbance, covering the landscape with its magenta flowers and preparing the ground for revegetation. (Photo of fireweed courtesy of http://www.mycoolbackgrounds.com.)


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