Be Invested

This is the beginning of a large undertaking within Regenerative Finance called #beinvested. For now, here’s our set of guiding purposes–

The purposes of this set of resources are:

  • To show investors how to participate in the next economy–humbly, holistically, and for the long term
  • To move beyond investors as big piles of money; rather than investing, becoming invested
  • To ground investors and class privileged people in responsibly owning their privileges in navigating this transition to the next economy
  • To provide modular, open sourced curriculum to distribute these ideas
  • To collect and showcase the collective wisdom and leadership of Regenerative Finance and our network

Our audience is class privileged investors, though we are in deep partnership with movement allies.

Here are some further resources connected to our first zine, click the image to share your comments and experiences!



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