XX post-capitalist social media accounts to follow like rn

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Regenerative Finance

You know, it’s us.  Are you following us everywhere?

Humans of Late Capitalism

Showcase of the absurdity of late-stage capitalism



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Upstream Podcast

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Movement Generation

LIFT Economy

Podcast that “highlights the leaders that are taking a regenerative, bio-regional, democratic, transparent, and whole-systems approach to using business as a force for good”

In particular, we suggest their episode with our very own Kate Poole:

New Economy Coalition

The Rules



@ofcapitalism the museum of capitalism on instagram is also really cool
I like feminist economics dept, the new inquiry, and then there’s a bunch of meme shit I like that’s sometimes about anti capitalism and sometimes not like on insta malefragility and other queer meme accounts

Also trawling the accounts NEC reposts on insta there are a bunch of good ones

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